Postcards from the Past

Enter the lives of students on campus through the postcards they mailed home. Use the scrollbar beneath each image below to view the front and back of each postcard. A transcript of the postcard text is provided beneath each of the images.

The School Day – Sept. 18, 1908
“Thurs. morn. The first bell is ringing. We must be there at 8.45. Weep for joy. Will be home in 2 weeks. from to-day. Have 2 days off here for good behavior Oct. 1 and 2. Will visit the schools. Holy Land School mar’m.”



Classwork – Jun. 26, 1911
“Dear Friend. Have about settled myself to work here by this time. Have four studies. Ovid, Latin Composition, Geometry, and Agriculture. Will write you later about mech. drawing. Have not talked to the instructor yet. L.L. Sutton”



Social Life – Jul. 15, 1911
“Hello: How are you all, I’ve been going to write but I am so busy. There is a fine bunch of girls here. We have jolly times. How is Charley tell him to be good. Marie”



Jul. 6, 1940
“Dear Folks – all. I am out w/ the golf clubs writing on a jewel (?) in the sun having a grand “soak”. I walked around with the X men yesterday but today am not quite so ambitious. Hope you are all fine and that Rebecca is at home, progressing beautifully. I’m going to get a peak at her when I get home — or else! Regards to all. Ann Morrison.”



Wooster Cadet – Oct. 26, 1945
“Dear Phyllis, Hello, how’s the little girl in the big city. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to say boo. They keep us running here for over 16 hours a day and we really have to go — the program is getting tougher all along as cadets are piling up. About 1/3 of my town is up at this base they let start to fly — study about 20 subjects here especially navigation, communications. How’s the job + say hello to Dorothy for me. Tell her to write a line too. I may get a chance to get to Detroit some weekend for about 12 hours. This is such a beautiful place. The ankle bothers a lot but holding. Oh yes — some wise words in this place too — Scotch and Irish(?).Well— Drop a line, so long. Sincerely Jerry O. Berg”